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Erik Freij is a Bristol based artist focused on print and design. Much of his current work depicts animals, though is not exclusively focused on them. His compositions are all imbued with joy and a little silliness whatever the subject matter.

John Curtis is a Bristol based artist who bases his work around life in  Bristol and other cities. He uses spray paint, paint pens and acrylics to create his art. His work has a uniquely energetic style. The works on display are based on Curtis’ photography around Stokes Croft, depicting the changes taking place in the area. 

Marta Zubieta is a Spanish artist living in Bristol. Specialising in illustration, graphic design, and mural work she draws inspiration from 90s cartoons, sci-fi art, pop surrealism and Latin folklore. Her adult illustrations for forever teenagers bring vibrant colour to often bleak subjects, exploring millenial culture and its issues through rose-tinted glasses, neon colours, and dream-like characters.

Laura Robertson is a Bristol-based artist well-known for her Tiger compositions and hand-carved lino prints. Imbued with a touch of humour and a dash of quirkiness, Robertson’s work has been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal West of England Academy. It’s even featured in Broadchurch on ITV and The Graham Norton Show on BBC.

Zoe Power is a multi-disciplinary artist working with print, painting, and typography. Her work largely centres on large, bold and colourful murals depicting urban landscapes across the UK.

Grace Green, a Somerset-based artist, draws inspiration from vibrant trips to India, where she immersed herself in local communities and explored the artistic culture. Working primarily in acrylics and Indian ink on paper, her paintings express the interconnectedness of life and nature, with a focus on organic growth and harmony. Surreal elements add a playful touch, while her recent work celebrates the beauty of small-scale farming and seasonal foods. Green’s art ia a sanctuary, reminding us of nature’s enduring presence and calming influence.

Isabella Fay is a Bristol-based freelance illustrator and photographer. Specialising in digital illustration, Fay covers diverse themes from relationships to food, music, and travel, whilst emphasising the use of colour to imbue her work with unique atmospheres and emotions.

With a background spanning Asia, Australia, and Europe, Sarah Boden now calls Bristol home, drawing inspiration from its thriving artistic scene. Boden’s work explores the intersections between Eastern and Western cultures through vibrant patterns and layered mediums like oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Committed to environmental sustainability, she emphasizes recycling and mindful material usage.

Jim Starr is a versatile artist whose creative pursuits span painting, illustration, and print making. He honed his artistic skills with a foundation at Chelsea College of Art followed by a degree from Kingston University. Jim’s artwork has graced prestigious exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, and Tokyo, Chicago, Palm Beach, and Venice. Notably, his collaboration with BVLGARI has seen his work showcased at esteemed venues like the Chengdu Museum in China. Previously based in Bristol, Jim now finds inspiration in the serene landscapes of Exmoor, North Devon, where he lives and works

Karnn Bhullar is a Bristol-based Illustrator and Motion Designer. Bhullars background in illustration has, over the years, grown into animation. Now he spends much of his time playing with Cinema4D with excitement at all the creative possibilites 3D opens up. Bhullar draws inspiration from photography, film and graphic design which he incorporates to add depth to his work.

With over three decades of artistic exploration, Rachael Johnson now focuses on painting with mixed media. Johnsons work draws inspiration from global travels, incorporating elements like Balinese masks, Indian batiks, and Sumatran wedding saris. Each piece starts as an adventure in colour and mark-making, evolving organically into vibrant compositions where characters emerge, taking on lives of their own within the canvas.


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